Designating a water watcher anytime you are around water is much more effective than simply saying to another adult, “Can you watch them for a minute?”…. this tag specifies who is in charge.

Inspired by Levi’s Legacy this waterproof reminder fits on your wrist and aids in one more layer of preventing drowning. Since MOST toddler drownings occur when they are not expected to be in water, it is of utmost urgency to designate a Water Watcher EVEN when the group goes inside (to eat lunch, open birthday gifts, change, etc.)

Keep the Water Watcher tag in the…..



Diaper bag

Grandparent’s house

Travel bag (Hotel Pool)

Water park

Splash pad

Anywhere there is water!

May is National Water Safety Month and Knoxville Survival Swim Academy has partnered with Hope Floats Foundation to help provide survival swim scholarships for children in our community.

The WATER WATCHER cards are available for $10 and 100% of the profit goes to survival swim lesson scholarships for local children in Knoxville TN.

If you would like to donate by purchasing a Water Watcher tag, please email with color preference (blue, pink, yellow, red, green or purple) and it will be available to pick up at your next lesson. If you would like to have one mailed to a friend or family member for $15, please include their address and we will take care of the rest.

Together we can Swim It Forward!